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Jerry Welch has been in the futures industry since the late 1970's, a true veteran of the markets. He has been quoted often in Wall Street Journal and is author of Commodity Insite, likely the longest running commodity futures newspaper columns in history. His weekly column has been published each week since the mid 1980's and is one of the most recognized names in the world of the futures markets.  

His column is published by the Illinois Agri News in La Salle, Illinois, Cattle Today, in Fayette, Alabama as well as Consensus, in Kansas City, Kansas. His column has been published weekly without interruption for 36 years.

Jerry was first employed in the futures industry with Clayton Commodity Service in St. Louis County, Missouri. Clayton Commodity Service was the research arm for Clayton Brokerage, and was, at the time, the largest commodity firm in the industry.

Roy W. Longstreet, founder of Clayton Brokerage and head of research at Clayton Commodity Service is a legend in the futures industry. Mr. Longstreet, affectionately referred to as, The Chief, hired Jerry in the mid-1970’s. They worked together until Mr. Longstreet retired. But even in retirement, Mr. Longstreet had a personal trading with Jerry and they talked daily and had a close relationship for years.   

It should be noted that Mr. Longstreet is the author, “Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader”, a classic by any measure. Those that have not had the pleasure of reading Mr. Longstreet’s book with its wisdom and trading suggestions are urged to do so.

Mr. Welch lives in Ennis, Montana and known widely as a "so so" fly fisherman.

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Haunted By Markets

I t is virtually impossible to find the history of the Big Four; stocks, bonds, currency and commodity futures markets to understand why they performed on a weekly basis as they did. Yes, there are books about fundamentals, charts, investing psychology and good trading habits for speculators. But the only book that offers a week by week, year by year history of the futures, is my book, Haunted By Markets.

My book is comprised of selected weekly columns I wrote and were published in a handful of weekly newspapers since the mid-1980’s. Haunted By Markets is 758 pages long and loaded with statistics and stories about what caused the various markets to do what they did. To my knowledge, there has never been a book quite like this one. There is no other book anywhere, past or present to learn about the history of the futures markets and what made prices trip the light fantastic.

To understand the futures markets, the Big Four, stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, one must know history. Without understanding history and how markets respond to events, investors, speculators and agriculture producers are flying blind. If you do not know the history of markets, you know nothing.

I hope you will consider buying Haunted By Markets. I do not think you will be disappointed. If you are, I will eat a bug. Maybe.

After after reading and re-reading my book, you too will become haunted by markets.

Jerry Welch
Publisher and Author

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T his book is mostly a compilation of just some of the writings I have done since 1980s.

Parts are from my newsletter which began in 1985, others are from my newspaper columns and some things I have written specifically for this book. Consequently, much of the writings cover 1985-1989.

Jerry Welch
Publisher and Author
Adobe Digital Editions Required - Free Download Here
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